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Open your Self-Service Laundry




1 Location

We must choose the location after conducting a simple but important market research, as the success of the business depends on it. It must be a location in a commercial area with public affluence, close to parks, cafes or banks and if possible with parking facilities for the car.

2 Current regulations and procedures

We will be at your side during the process of negotiations until the opening of your business, helping and advising you with the formalities required by the current regulations of the municipality where your business will be located.

3 Store configuration and design

The final configuration and design will depend on the size and characteristics of each location. We will elaborate a project with a detailed and completely adequate design, with all the necessary accessories to improve and differentiate ourselves from the competition.

4 Turnkey service

We offer turnkey project delivery. For this we have a team of qualified professionals in all the necessary areas such as: plumbing, electrical installation, plasterboard partition walls, masonry, activity project and interior and exterior decoration.

5 Machinery

We have the best and most modern machinery in the market: washing machines and dryers of the Spanish company Fagor Industrial, a company of recognized prestige in the world. We optimize your facility according to its characteristics and adapt the number of washers and dryers with different capacities and features. The variety of programs, the quality of the products and the quality of our laundry are some of our weapons to compete in the market.

6 Furniture

We install furniture adapted to each location, according to the corporate image of the brand, comfortable, functional and elegant for the client. Bench chairs, TV, tables for folding clothes, baskets for handling clothes. We can also help and advise you with any other decorative accessory for the final finish.

7 Training

Open Wash provides you with the continuous training you need so that you can be in charge of your business and make it profitable in a short period of time. Machinery management, remote control by domotics, preventive and routine maintenance processes are some of the training fields, in which you will never be alone and you will always count on our network of specialized technicians.

8 Opening

Once you have opened your Open Wash location and started managing it yourself, our relationship continues on a day-to-day basis, providing you with our entire network of professionals and qualified technicians in all the areas that make up your self-service laundry. This network will always be at your disposal whenever you need it.

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