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Setting up an Open Wash self-service laundromat is a highly profitable business.

Growth Prospects

From the perspective of a simple activity, which is possible to start up with a minimum investment and which does not require special qualifications or personnel, it attracts a large number of small companies that, like us, believe that this service is adapted to the economic and social conditions of our country at this time.

It is accurate to say that Spain is a modern and developed country and has a strong potential for self-service development. This is a prerequisite for the development of this service to be stable and lasting, and for it to be based on the new habits of the Spanish population. This service covers the real needs of all customers.

For all of the above, at OPEN WASH we foresee very positive growth prospects, setting ourselves the objective of maintaining our presence in the market by opening new washing centers, getting closer to you every day. Our intention is to create a presence throughout Spain, guaranteeing our quality of attention and technical service that is present in all provincial capitals.

If you are an entrepreneur and want to join our project, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist you and solve each and every one of your doubts.

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